Worried that your financial strategy is

Missing Something?

On our journey together, we’ll employ a variety of tools and strategies.

For any successful journey, preparation is key. The road to your financial future is no different. Our four-step process offers you a comprehensive strategy to help ensure you reach your intended destination.

P.E.A.K. Planning Process


Prepare for your journey

We’ll learn what’s most important to you and what destination you’re trying to reach.


Evaluate your options

We’ll analyze your resources and goals and map out options to help you pursue your retirement dreams.


Agree to a route

Once we’ve agreed on a direction, we’ll help ensure your strategy stays on track with regular reviews.


Keep trekking

We’ll help you navigate any unexpected forks in the road on your way to the retirement summit.

Using the P.E.A.K. Planning Process, we’ll design a strategy for you that helps accomplish

3 Key Goals


Growth Opportunities

“Will I run out of money?” This is the top concern we hear from new clients. Our retirement income strategies can help you feel confident that your money will last as long as you need it. These strategies include annuities, investments, IRA/401(k) rollovers and other wealth management opportunities. Summit Group Founder Jerry Toombs can help serve your investment and wealth management needs.



The closer you are to retirement, the less risk you should take on. We can incorporate products and services that help preserve what you have. We do this through life insurance, tax-efficient strategies, long-term care strategies and IRA legacy planning. Summit Group financial professional Brandon Stimpson can help you with life insurance and asset preservation strategies.



You want to create a legacy that lives on after you’re gone. We work closely with attorneys and tax professionals to help you organize your giving strategy, helping you with trusts, probate, charitable giving, estate planning and tax planning.

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